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When will Hospitals Pay for their COVID Crimes?

by | Jul 20, 2023 | 0 comments

Stella Paul – Writer, American Thinker & Brownstone Institute

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Early in the 2020, Plandemic doctors blew the whistle that hospitals were losing patients via their coerced Covid protocol – and were getting paid huge cash bonuses for their complicit malpractice. Concurrently, doctors were hounded out of privileges and licenses for trying to prescribe treatments that were actually effective, and family members were sequestered from any effective advocacy to protect the lives of their loved ones.

Crazily (and disturbingly), hospitals have seen no legal repercussions at all in the years since. How can that be?

But it wasn’t just during Covid that hospitals showed their demerits. Few hospitals publish outcome reports on the treatments they provide, and for years, doctors and patients have suffered for any independent choices made that were outside the industry and government-enforced Standards of Care.

Is it time to repeal state protectionist laws barring the construction of hospitals that better meet patient safety? Is there any hope for a legislative fix of our corrupt bureaucracies which enabled these hospital crimes – or punishment of legacy media propagandists who proved themselves enemies of truth?

Brownstone Institute, for whom the presenter writes, arose out of the politicization of Public Health. Every aspect of the health cartel deserves scorn, and reform.